Lauralee (nonameiwant) wrote in over_it_rocks,

Salt Lake City January 18th 2007

I was there was anyone else? I thought you guys would like to see some videos that I have and also a few pictures that I took. So I hope you enjoy!

It was A great show but it was a short set. They played these songs in this order

Think Against The Grain
Your Song
Too Much Information
Siren On The BUN-O-BUN


I can never do livejournal cuts so you can view the rest of my pictures here

Here is one of my videos I have 2 more videos  on my youtube account

Siren On The 101

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they are too good!
Awesome! I love it when Pete gets right up to you at the beginning of Siren (on the 'bun-oh-bun' gee...who thought of that? lol)!!
Yeah He got right up in my face all night even when I wasn't recording videos it was the best because the entire night I was getting wet from people's sweat and even though it sounds gross its just amazing to see them playing that hard for that to happen
You didn't have any probs taking video and pics?? I know lots of places don't allow it, of course. I had thought about trying to record them the next time I see them. I'll have to see if the place has any policies. Obviously the guys didn't mind!

Did they play first, is that why the set is pretty short?

You're right, it is cool to be that close to see how hard a band works while playing. It's a workout up there!
Wells it was funny actually I got 23 videos from the entire concert and I didn't get in trouble for recording all of them until there were only 3 songs left in the entire concert. Most concerts that I go to don't mind. I think it depends on the place. I've never gotten in trouble at that venue but it might be a new policy.

They played second so I knew the set list was going to be short but it was still fun.
Cool! Thanks for the info and for sharing those pics and clips!!
HEY! your the girl that i recently subscribed to on youtube hahaha i just notice that, and your siren on the 101 is on my favorites :]
thats funny were you just searching for videos on youtube when you found it orignally?
yup and your video is amazing.
thanks i think peter had fun on that one because for shine and another song he was moving around on i didn't have my camera out for video. He knew I had it out on that one and he came up to me on purpose at the beginning.